Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wed,Thu and Friday

Mum is washing bamboo stick and she was kinda freak out when she saw so many Lizard eggs hahaha :D This is one of them xD
Hello :D not blogging for 2,3 days..... Yah. Because sian mah. Okay lah.
10:15am reach school :)
Then math.... Math is so difficult! especially algebra :( don't understand at all :'(

Science.... Do experiment hahaha to test for hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide :) Is fun :D Hydrogen gas got the 'pop' sound then everyone xia dao including the teacher hahahaha :D Then the carbon dioxide is to wait the limewater or whatever lah to turn chalky wait until so freaking long.

Geo....Nothing really interesting....Copy notes lor. Anyway also don't really understand.

Chinese....Do composition....That day must finish....Then i stay back and do lor because i keep on help peoples write Chinese words until i no time -.-
Then later write finish, i go canteen and find ZiYun, Reichi then walk home together...
Then suddenly raining until very heavily so we kinda still walk? Then later ZiYun search her bag for umbrella, then she say her bag very big can't find but then she continues searching until she shout, i didn't bring! Then we was like laughing then go to the nearest bus-stop and then open my umbrella. Then the umbrella is quite small but i still share with ZiYun,ReiChi take bus go home. Then later we walk and talk lor. We all wet :D Then ZiYun say she want to blame the korean rain(a person) hahahaha. Then i was like laughing lor. Then at downstaire saw my parents, They all shock hahaha anyway...........I go home and then bathe then my books all wet!

Skip skip!!!! English period watch show then write in our textbook/workbook.
Skip skip!!! D&T. Drawing LOL. Then Lena forgot to bring something so i accompany her .
SKIP!!!~ ICT TOTALLY SUCK! I GROUP TO SOMEBODY THAT I DON'T LIKE FUCK!skipskip nothing to say liao....
waiting for band while doing my homework. Then Maths don't know how to do then Tell Claire teach me then she stare my paper for a while and she don't understand and don't know how to do too. Then later French Horn senior come so i tell him help me solve. Then he like not until 10second he already do finish then i was like what the hell so fast? Then i ask him how to do then he say this need experience.. then i was like what the fuck? Then he say aiya same formula only different step then he say this you always do you will know what to do...Then he run away... Okay lor FINE! I'm jealous okay? Do so fast -.-Then band.....Then see all those Secondary 1 then Mr Ong say change timetable again FUCK!Then later walking home with Claire saw Alfle?? Don't know how to spell his name. He told us that he think Callie is ghost. Then i was like why? then he say that time he walk home with Callie then she is beside him mah. Then he talk to her then he found out that he talking to himself... Because Callie was gone LOL. Then plus Rachael say that time band camp Callie always walk around then the slipper noise is like so scary.... Then she will stare at you... Yah...
I think Callie is not ghost but got problem.... :X
Friday and that is today ;)
History~ Do finish the workbook and then pass up :)

GPE! PE SIAN! Anyway play basket ball lor. Then keep on lose.... Lena, ReiChi and ZiYun injuried.....ZiYun pass ball to Lena then she knock until her finger. Then ZiYun Bounce the ball and hit until Lena stomach and Yolanda want throw ball to Lena but end up aiming Lena head ROLF! Then ZiYun is fall down while catching the ball. Then Reichi is ball knock until her chin.

Then later the teacher say lose team must run. WTF!!! Then we end up losing but didn't run. We help teacher keep those Basketball and then that is my first time go in PE room ;) Then is like Fatithah told the PE teacher let us run eh! Then i was like
Skipskip!!! English :) Watch video teaser and then do homework... That all.
Then reach home, Play computer, eat dinner then sleep then sleep until 3;am then wake up then bathe then now blogging then ow is 6am and i think i no need sleep le... Because i got band! Okay lah bye :)
PS: Lixuan say the biaach don't know how to sing Lucifer she still sing hahaha :D Pathetic her. How can like that insult a good song? I wonder how biaach sing it hahaha :D Please lah get a life.
Some people are REAL. Some people are GOOD. Some people are FAKE. And some people are REAL GOOD at being FAKE. -ohteenquotes.
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