Monday, February 14, 2011

14.2.11 Monday

Today is Valentine's day!!!! I wish all lover will last long and have a great day today :D Early in the morning...My father damn cute de lor. He buy mum rose Hahaha :D so cute. My mum say the rose price up 30% hahahaha :D My father say he go call the uncle to wake up he want buy rose :) hahaha cute lah :D Today Science lesson haiz... have worksheet...also counted as test? i don't know but i know that i don't know how to do :( what happen to me sia? everything don't know how to do.... when i do the Science worksheet is like return to my primary school life... Everything don't know and anyhow put answer de feeling....Haiz.... Today History test also diedie de. I study de like all didn't come out -.- Tomorrow still have Geo test somemore -.- My mum also damn cute de lor.. I receive cookie today then my mum thought is boy give -.- LOL. Anyway nothing to say lah byebye :D Happy Valentine day :D

Ps: No offence. But i think Valentine day is like normal day eh. No holiday no nothing... Still the same old day. Need go school -.- But anyway i wonder Yongseo couple got celebrate this day a not :P Today school celebrate total defence day... sian... Didn't eat Goguma we eat bread -.- Bye
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