Sunday, February 20, 2011

19.2.11 Saturday :D

Today is Saturday. Haiz. I want my Saturday back :( I wish SYF and Speech day faster over so i can have my Saturday back. My Saturday ah!!!!~ Anyway today have band. They once say that they respect our religion. But when Claire say that she need to go for church, their reaction is cannot! You cannot go. Band is much more important then your church. Is like WTF? Claire mother already called one of the band teacher in charge and now cannot go? Our instructor still say Claire go for dancing lesson then is like every band members is laughing lor. Is like walao so embarrassing, but anyway dancing got wrong meh? don't they heard a sentence called 人不可貌相. Mine also!!!! Sectional we have teacher. Then we individual play....I was like quite anxious then later they say is Marcus clap for me then i was like can relax abit mah. Then later i can play then the teacher is like wah! Marcus clap u can play, then u and his relationship is? Then i was like WTF? I like joke, but not those humilate people de joke! I also hate people use me as a joke! FUNNY IS IT? WHAT IF I SAY U? U SURE CAN'T LAUGH OUT LOUD! DON'T YOU THINK THAT PEOPLE WILL FEEL HURT? NO BRAIN IS IT? I also hate people say 'no offence'. Although i got said it before but i just hate it. They already offence until us liao, no need say no offence de >:( Although at 11:11am i wish for a better mood but in the end no lor. Stupid. FML.
Ps: oh yer! YongSeo finally have wedding picture!!! WOOHOO!!
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