Thursday, February 24, 2011

23.2.11 wednesday

Today early in the morning like about 7:30 am i wake up. You might wonder why so early as Wednesday is 10:15am must reach school right? Okay. Because i and Rachael have to do band reward system board. So yah. Then unlucky thing happened. I accidently dao diao milo -.- And i have to clean the whole kitchen -.- Then later go school. Searching for Rachael and she late but nevermind. Then later we do lor. But mostly is she do because i'm not really good at art. Then yah. Then later keep and have lessons. Then later after school meet again and do lor. Sian eh. Do until like 3:30pm or 4pm go home lor. Anyway Rachael drawing rock lor. But sadly i didn't bring phone or else i will take down the picture. Is so freaking nice lor. Okay anyway......My two senior almost have a fight on Tuesday so i was wondering what will happened tomorrow. I really wish they both don't come cos i think there will unlucky things happen on me. So yah pray hard!!!!~ Anyway i was quite shock that my art teacher choose me, eugenia and samuel go art competition woohoo!!! I wonder what will happen.....Wish it could be easy. I wish the clarinet senior come tomorrow!!! I don't wanna mark attendance :( Okay lah bye.
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