Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday 25.2.11

Boo! Hi all :) Thursday is totally CMI. Was quite unhappy because almost everyone got caught eat sweet in class. Then they all say i eat sweet in class......haiz...nevermind forget about it. I think they hate me to the max i think ? Then at band....the 2 senior really haiz... Didn't talk at all is like so weird. Then is like so quiet. No laughter no nothing. Then is like... Oh my god how to say!!! Is like very weird lor. Actually they care about each other de lor.!!!! I know that because when Christopher stand up and walk away Liang Hao got see him lor. Then Liang Hao play until half way go home Christopher also got ask RuiMin where he go what! Then is like they both care each other why they don't want he hao leh? What the hell is this? I can't stand it eh!!! So uncomfortable. Why they don't think another way round is like Liang Hao already sec 4 mean that he need to leave this band and this school liao then is like if u don't quickly he hao sure will regret de mah. And is like started with a small matter? LOL. Nevermind. forget it. Today is okok day lor. So sian. Saturday still have band. Somemore 7:45am must reach school seh. Haiz.... Sian...Wonder what will happen.....Ohyah!!! Thursday i ownself mark attendance eh!!! least no sec 1. Okay lah bye

PS: I finally found the Genie Dance version song!!!
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