Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday 20.2.11

2N1 :D CIP that time.
Hello!!!!!~ I was so angry just now. My brother is super duper troublesome. Create so many trouble for me and my mum and my sister. Anyway although sometime i hate him. But he still is my beloved, cute brother :D. Anyway i found a lot of picture which is the Goguma couple!!! I mean the picture is cartoon and is cute!!!~ Wahahaha i so happy now but i know it won't last long :/ Need to go bathe liao. And also do my D&T and maybe Science? I don't know have Science a not eh heehee :D Can't wait for the next sunday because Goguma couple is going to have wedding photoshoot!!! They have the review and i saw a perfect couple lor. SeoHyun is so pretty, and YongHwa is so handsome lor. Wahpiang my eyes want pop out liao hahaha :D I was so hyper when talk about them hahaha :D anyway yah bye.

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