Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22.3.11 Tuesday- Bintan camp

Boo!~ Hiie all. This is my last post because i'm going to bintan camp. I wish it all gone smoothly :)

So......Bye computer, handphone, television and many electronic games and everything. Bye. And if anything happen to me.......I want to give all my everything including money to my parents and of course my sister and brother . So yah... kinda like last words but i really hope that nothing will happen to me kay. So yah FANN!!! THINK POSITIVE :D Okay....Back to my problem.....I don't know how to swallow pills!!!! Anyway i will try to swallow it tomorrow. And my Chinese first place really lost le!!!!! RuiHan got full mark sia. How to fight???? Anyway biggest enemy is ourself :) Okay lah bye. Wish me good luck :) Wish me 一路顺风 :D. Bye!!!!~

PS: CN.blue song out :)))

Monday, March 21, 2011

20.3.11 Saturday

Here is a sweet and lovely pictures for you guy :D Yuri and Jessica :D

That time i was really surprise that my name is in the Edusave scholarship list :D I just wish it maintain like this :D But i don't think so. :P
I have been spending hour to think if i'm gonna blog a not because i was damn tired :/. But lastly i decided i should blog :). Tomorrow school reopen, when i think of it i felt tired. My Project haven do and my homework too so i chiong today :) But luckily, Homework do finish and Literature too :D But.......English project did not. I don't even know what to do lor. So we just put it a side first. I just wish teacher won't scold us and give us a chance. Okay, i have done drawing my macbeth and lady macbeth. I will upload the pictures one day but not today because is still in my phone and i don't know if my SD card can use anot :(. I haven pack my bag and my camp bag. 23 march i will be going to Bintan camp so i won't be blogging and also must miss me yah :) I not looking forward to go because that day i will come that thing.....I have counted many time!!!!! Idiot sia...We have a lot of water activities eh. But nevermind i will still play no matter what :). But i just wish that it cancel and put it another day because nowaday....The what nucleus thing spread and it affect Indonesia? I don't know i just wish it cancel and put other day. I wish sia....Today sister also buy us bubble tea :D Got a lot of pearl xD delicious eh. Okay....maybe i will post other time about 中医 (Traditional Chinese Medicine????) telling about my health.....But not so good about it. So yah... I very tired so byebye :D Wish me good luck :D

PS: Haven pack my bag yet!!!~ Gonna pack now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16.3.11 Wednesday

I sit with Callie that day... Because Claire was sick....Anyway her lose is didn't get to see those handsome Japanese guy :D
Singapore Conference hall....

Japanese band :D

Seriously a lot of handsome guy :P While girl.....i didn't go notice :P

Mo Tian Lun!!! :D

Boo!!! See i told you that i will be back xD. Okay continue with my pictures and post xDD.
Okay....Those who is my plurk fans or plurk friends will know that i'm gonna say about this. And that is my CCA....Band :D. Okay honestly....I join band is because i want go oversea....Sound silly right. Maybe you will ask...Why Fann? You didn't go oversea before? Yup. I never go oversea before....Even the closest country like Malaysia also didn't go before. Pathetic right? Haiz...No money how to go sia. Okay....My senior is great :D Caring, friendly and sometime damn fierce. Is fun to have them around so i really can't imagine them leaving band this year. And then Junior will come in and you will see me complain to this blog de hahaha :P. I ONCE a committee. And that is secretary. This job is to help mark attendance and blah blah~ But....They choose again then the secretary senior choose Rachael so....Yah i out. And i very happy about it because i hate committee :D. But then the Band major say i still haven officially out so....When the 2 secretary didn't come i need to help -.- So this is the thing that piss me off .... Because i know that even if i help them...I didn't gain any benefit and they have. So obviously i won't do '' my job '' very well ;). Oh yah! Forgot to tell you that i played French Horn :D French Horn rock okay. I choose this is because my sister also played this and also quite challenging. French Horn is the most difficult instrument to play :). French Horn is heavy but Tuba more heavy and some percussion too. So yah... Cannot complain too heavy :X. I more close to band friends rather then 2N1 friends. My band friends is: Claire, Gwendolyn, Callie, Chloe and some other. OMO. Anyway I love them :D. Recently Claire say she dream until Christopher....Christopher is our senior :). She say in the dream he full of blood and his head a little bit....weird? Then yah...She scared....Somemore Christopher oversea sia......Anyway she always bullied him so......ya....guilty conscience....I hate the band major.....But she is our senior the girlfriend so yah....We always complain to him :P But seriously she always scold French Horn members especially me and Claire is like wtf? But anyway she also quite good lah....She told us a story....And this is a true story.... Our band keep on getting bronze no matter how hard they practice. She say that feeling is really very sad....The instructor....infront all the band members...apologize....She say is not our instructor fault yet he apologize....She also say that some band members cried...we keep on get bronze...The choir instrutor look down on us....When he knew that we got bronze again he laugh at us....When band major said that to us...We kept quiet... I, personally quite sad too....So i decide that i will work hard for the SYF because i don't want to get bronze and i hate people looking down at us too. We now aiming for silver....And i also wish that our hard work can pay off... I really wish....because i can't imagine our instructor apologize to us when is not even his fault. Yah so let work hard :D
PS: Is a long post i know...But please be patience and read :)

16 March 2011 Wednesday

Check out my skirt. Wahahaha damn long right xD See i so guai ;P But now already short a little bit liao cos i alter it. That is TingLing stand...She that time broke her leg.
English class write de

Our Pet rocket :)

Claira group de Patrick

Shirley Group de DOMO

We bought a lot of straw xDD CIP actually is recycle material and do but who care? Nobody take recycle thing eh


Me and Shirley

At English Lesson take de xD The White spec is Lena, Black spec is ZiYun, The Black and white is me while the red spec is Shirley

Oh My God!!!!!~ How????? I got a lot of pictures want to share :) But i also will talk a lot here xD. Haiz my SD spoil!!!!! Shit sia. Then how i gonna transfer my pictures?????? Anyway you all will say have cable mah but the reason is i don't know how to use -.- I know i very lack lah =_=. Okay...........Nevermind i will think of a solution de. My sister have bought a computer earphone last year. Then we do not know how to use so did not use but..............Now i know how to use le. Still got mic somemore eh :D Then can talk in MSN Woohoo!!! So cool sia. I have been talk to LiXuan and PeiNi recently....But poor thing is i don't have webcam haiz.....Nevermind, at least i have mic xD. Have earphone make a lot of things easier. Like example when my father sleep in my room, i also can on computer and hear music without waking him up. So good lor :D Then at night even i secretly play computer my mum also won't know wahahaha :D. No lah i'm just kidding.

Now i know that make up can change a lot!!!!! Eyeliner, circle lense and fake eyelashes can make eyes look bigger like O.O So big xD But my sister fake eyelashes is way to long....It touch my eyebrow sia!!!!! Don't laugh okay. Is not funny :( So i think i'm gonna buy fake eyelashes that suit me liao lor. And also recently, my mum buy for me nail polish :D So yah i play like siao xD. I still wonder should i buy hair extension anot....*Thinking in progress*.

Okay i think i should post pictures liao :) Later then start with a new post :D

Off to eat dinner :P
Homework haven do yet zzzzz....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

12.3.11 Saturday

Boo Hiieeeee all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long didn't blog le wahahaha. Being lazy and being busy. Have a lot of common test coming up and all sure fail wahahaha. Especially Science, i study like freaking hell but....haiz forget it. Yesterday is sport day and our cheerleading get first. FIRST YOU KNOW!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! 2N1 INDEED IS CHAMPION. I was so happy but then soon being piss off by somebody -.- Then later ZiYun,Me, ReiChi and Gillian go Hougang Mall. Then eat then shopping then talk like freaking hell. Then Laugh until my stomach very pain!!! Can't stop xD. Then do a little bit of Macbeth that freaking Shakespeare. Then later go ZiYun house and my mood go very down because of some SHOCKING NEWS! TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE OCCURS IN JAPAN AND OTHER COUNTRY. Still have rumor say Singapore also will tio...Make me freaking scared lor. Then also Yongseo couple also known as Goguma couple is going to end le :( Sad. They're my favourite couple lor. :( sobsob :'( Gonna be emo liao. Later still have band somemore and i hate being used. Idiot okay lah bye.