Saturday, March 12, 2011

12.3.11 Saturday

Boo Hiieeeee all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So long didn't blog le wahahaha. Being lazy and being busy. Have a lot of common test coming up and all sure fail wahahaha. Especially Science, i study like freaking hell but....haiz forget it. Yesterday is sport day and our cheerleading get first. FIRST YOU KNOW!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! 2N1 INDEED IS CHAMPION. I was so happy but then soon being piss off by somebody -.- Then later ZiYun,Me, ReiChi and Gillian go Hougang Mall. Then eat then shopping then talk like freaking hell. Then Laugh until my stomach very pain!!! Can't stop xD. Then do a little bit of Macbeth that freaking Shakespeare. Then later go ZiYun house and my mood go very down because of some SHOCKING NEWS! TSUNAMI AND EARTHQUAKE OCCURS IN JAPAN AND OTHER COUNTRY. Still have rumor say Singapore also will tio...Make me freaking scared lor. Then also Yongseo couple also known as Goguma couple is going to end le :( Sad. They're my favourite couple lor. :( sobsob :'( Gonna be emo liao. Later still have band somemore and i hate being used. Idiot okay lah bye.
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