Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16 March 2011 Wednesday

Check out my skirt. Wahahaha damn long right xD See i so guai ;P But now already short a little bit liao cos i alter it. That is TingLing stand...She that time broke her leg.
English class write de

Our Pet rocket :)

Claira group de Patrick

Shirley Group de DOMO

We bought a lot of straw xDD CIP actually is recycle material and do but who care? Nobody take recycle thing eh


Me and Shirley

At English Lesson take de xD The White spec is Lena, Black spec is ZiYun, The Black and white is me while the red spec is Shirley

Oh My God!!!!!~ How????? I got a lot of pictures want to share :) But i also will talk a lot here xD. Haiz my SD spoil!!!!! Shit sia. Then how i gonna transfer my pictures?????? Anyway you all will say have cable mah but the reason is i don't know how to use -.- I know i very lack lah =_=. Okay...........Nevermind i will think of a solution de. My sister have bought a computer earphone last year. Then we do not know how to use so did not use but..............Now i know how to use le. Still got mic somemore eh :D Then can talk in MSN Woohoo!!! So cool sia. I have been talk to LiXuan and PeiNi recently....But poor thing is i don't have webcam haiz.....Nevermind, at least i have mic xD. Have earphone make a lot of things easier. Like example when my father sleep in my room, i also can on computer and hear music without waking him up. So good lor :D Then at night even i secretly play computer my mum also won't know wahahaha :D. No lah i'm just kidding.

Now i know that make up can change a lot!!!!! Eyeliner, circle lense and fake eyelashes can make eyes look bigger like O.O So big xD But my sister fake eyelashes is way to long....It touch my eyebrow sia!!!!! Don't laugh okay. Is not funny :( So i think i'm gonna buy fake eyelashes that suit me liao lor. And also recently, my mum buy for me nail polish :D So yah i play like siao xD. I still wonder should i buy hair extension anot....*Thinking in progress*.

Okay i think i should post pictures liao :) Later then start with a new post :D

Off to eat dinner :P
Homework haven do yet zzzzz....
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