Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22.3.11 Tuesday- Bintan camp

Boo!~ Hiie all. This is my last post because i'm going to bintan camp. I wish it all gone smoothly :)

So......Bye computer, handphone, television and many electronic games and everything. Bye. And if anything happen to me.......I want to give all my everything including money to my parents and of course my sister and brother . So yah... kinda like last words but i really hope that nothing will happen to me kay. So yah FANN!!! THINK POSITIVE :D Okay....Back to my problem.....I don't know how to swallow pills!!!! Anyway i will try to swallow it tomorrow. And my Chinese first place really lost le!!!!! RuiHan got full mark sia. How to fight???? Anyway biggest enemy is ourself :) Okay lah bye. Wish me good luck :) Wish me 一路顺风 :D. Bye!!!!~

PS: CN.blue song out :)))

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