Wednesday, March 16, 2011

16.3.11 Wednesday

I sit with Callie that day... Because Claire was sick....Anyway her lose is didn't get to see those handsome Japanese guy :D
Singapore Conference hall....

Japanese band :D

Seriously a lot of handsome guy :P While girl.....i didn't go notice :P

Mo Tian Lun!!! :D

Boo!!! See i told you that i will be back xD. Okay continue with my pictures and post xDD.
Okay....Those who is my plurk fans or plurk friends will know that i'm gonna say about this. And that is my CCA....Band :D. Okay honestly....I join band is because i want go oversea....Sound silly right. Maybe you will ask...Why Fann? You didn't go oversea before? Yup. I never go oversea before....Even the closest country like Malaysia also didn't go before. Pathetic right? Haiz...No money how to go sia. Okay....My senior is great :D Caring, friendly and sometime damn fierce. Is fun to have them around so i really can't imagine them leaving band this year. And then Junior will come in and you will see me complain to this blog de hahaha :P. I ONCE a committee. And that is secretary. This job is to help mark attendance and blah blah~ But....They choose again then the secretary senior choose Rachael so....Yah i out. And i very happy about it because i hate committee :D. But then the Band major say i still haven officially out so....When the 2 secretary didn't come i need to help -.- So this is the thing that piss me off .... Because i know that even if i help them...I didn't gain any benefit and they have. So obviously i won't do '' my job '' very well ;). Oh yah! Forgot to tell you that i played French Horn :D French Horn rock okay. I choose this is because my sister also played this and also quite challenging. French Horn is the most difficult instrument to play :). French Horn is heavy but Tuba more heavy and some percussion too. So yah... Cannot complain too heavy :X. I more close to band friends rather then 2N1 friends. My band friends is: Claire, Gwendolyn, Callie, Chloe and some other. OMO. Anyway I love them :D. Recently Claire say she dream until Christopher....Christopher is our senior :). She say in the dream he full of blood and his head a little bit....weird? Then yah...She scared....Somemore Christopher oversea sia......Anyway she always bullied him so......ya....guilty conscience....I hate the band major.....But she is our senior the girlfriend so yah....We always complain to him :P But seriously she always scold French Horn members especially me and Claire is like wtf? But anyway she also quite good lah....She told us a story....And this is a true story.... Our band keep on getting bronze no matter how hard they practice. She say that feeling is really very sad....The instructor....infront all the band members...apologize....She say is not our instructor fault yet he apologize....She also say that some band members cried...we keep on get bronze...The choir instrutor look down on us....When he knew that we got bronze again he laugh at us....When band major said that to us...We kept quiet... I, personally quite sad too....So i decide that i will work hard for the SYF because i don't want to get bronze and i hate people looking down at us too. We now aiming for silver....And i also wish that our hard work can pay off... I really wish....because i can't imagine our instructor apologize to us when is not even his fault. Yah so let work hard :D
PS: Is a long post i know...But please be patience and read :)
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