Monday, March 21, 2011

20.3.11 Saturday

Here is a sweet and lovely pictures for you guy :D Yuri and Jessica :D

That time i was really surprise that my name is in the Edusave scholarship list :D I just wish it maintain like this :D But i don't think so. :P
I have been spending hour to think if i'm gonna blog a not because i was damn tired :/. But lastly i decided i should blog :). Tomorrow school reopen, when i think of it i felt tired. My Project haven do and my homework too so i chiong today :) But luckily, Homework do finish and Literature too :D But.......English project did not. I don't even know what to do lor. So we just put it a side first. I just wish teacher won't scold us and give us a chance. Okay, i have done drawing my macbeth and lady macbeth. I will upload the pictures one day but not today because is still in my phone and i don't know if my SD card can use anot :(. I haven pack my bag and my camp bag. 23 march i will be going to Bintan camp so i won't be blogging and also must miss me yah :) I not looking forward to go because that day i will come that thing.....I have counted many time!!!!! Idiot sia...We have a lot of water activities eh. But nevermind i will still play no matter what :). But i just wish that it cancel and put it another day because nowaday....The what nucleus thing spread and it affect Indonesia? I don't know i just wish it cancel and put other day. I wish sia....Today sister also buy us bubble tea :D Got a lot of pearl xD delicious eh. Okay....maybe i will post other time about 中医 (Traditional Chinese Medicine????) telling about my health.....But not so good about it. So yah... I very tired so byebye :D Wish me good luck :D

PS: Haven pack my bag yet!!!~ Gonna pack now.

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