Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bintan Camp

Boo!! Hiee all!!!! I'm back from Bintan :D Off to go school now for band so yah later back i will edit this post so bye. :) Edit!~ Yoyo I'm back :D Seriously today is not my day :( Later then tell you why i so unhappy. Okay Bintan camp is fun like hell lor. At first i don't really looking forward because this is my first time oversea and is without parent!!!! Anyway fine nevermind. I remember we at school waiting for our bus. Then later don't know go where then waited for ferry to come. I remember i was so excited that i scan wrong page of my passport LOL. Then later need scan my finger print. Then later finally ferry come then we got up. I was dizzy but i didn't vomit yay!!! Then later when we reach there. We went to our dorm to go choose our bed xD then yah like that lor. Then also put our stuffs there. Then is CIP. We build wall/ fence. We mix the cement xD is so tough. The shovel is so big and heavy so do wheelbarrow. Then yah... carry bucket of water then mix mix mix. Then later some of them mix while other use the cement and build wall. I do both xD. Even build walls also need technique leh don't play play sia. Then finally build finish and then go back to our dorm. Then choose our plate blah blah.....then need ownself wash plate and ownself make milo :(. Then same lor. Always have breakfast,lunch and dinner :). Their foods not bad :). Toilet is dirty but not bad. It just that there no flush. No yah. Didn't look at myself for 4 days. Then at the end always have reflection which is i hate the most xD. Second day~~ Our activity is flying fox and coconut tree climbing. Is so damn fun lor. Not scary at all :D Flying fox is really very fun. Like you jump down the building lor. quite high. My instructor say is 4 storey high hahaha :D FUN. I LOVE IT. Jump down also need a lot of courage. Some people still cry -.- Okay lah nevermind. I know they scared of height. But i'm proud that they still jump at the end :) Good!. While the coconut tree climbing i also make it. I poke dao balloon xD. Climb until very high too. Then when i climb finish i then know that i climb boy de tree lor. No wonder so difficult. Some still no hole for me to rest lol. Anyway their insects is really big. Bigger than Singapore insect.I still remember that when i climb the tree i keep on beat the ant on the tree lor.-.-. Their red ant is bigger then singapore ant. Their housefly also bigger then Singapore housefly. There got a lot of cats and dogs. I even make friend with those cat lor. hahaha :D so cute :). The cat is female. She got a lot of babies too :) Whenever you go toilet. You will heard or see frog. There got a lot of Big bees, dragonfly and butterfly.I still remember one time i go bathe then when i came out got a lot of bees surrounded my area. Then i was so angry that i go hit them lol. I know it was wrong but i don't care already xD. Their nightsky is very beautiful. Their stars got a lot and i was so happy :) I was also very amaze that i saw firefly!!!!! So beautiful. Anyway second day morning i headache because very early wake up. 3:00am ++ wake up you know!!!! Those girls want to see sunrise lol. Anyway it beautiful :D Third day~~~~ The activity is hill tracking, boat netting and raft race. Hill tracking is like so......Tough. The hill is really very steep and very high and very long. Some of them we need to hug the tree sia. Then some need to hold the rope then can walk. But our group de guys very gentleman. They hold our hand very tightly to pull us to walk. Then we realised that teamwork is really very important. Finally we reach the top. We rest there, drnk water and teacher gave us oreo :). Then later we need to go down. Go down more tough lor!!!! More slippery. Sometime i like want fall like that leh. Anyway those gentleman got help so yah. Go down successfully ;). Boat netting!!!!! I love this to the max sia. I jump to the sea a lot of time because is so damn fun. 1st storey i jump. 2nd storey i jump too :) It really very very fun. :D I love this more than flying fox lor. Although the sea water keep on going into my eyes,nose,mouth and ears but i still play a lot of time ;) LOVE IT!!!! Raft race. The raft is we ownself design and make. And guess what we win :). So cool sia :D damn happy :). This also need teamwork de leh. And we make the raft have streamline shape so can move faster ;). Somemore our group have NCC people so they know how to tied the string. Then later dinner lor. Then sleep Fourth day!!!! The activity is skywalk and kayaking. I damn regret that i didn't play skywalk!!!! Stupid sia!!!! Not enough time!!! Idiot!!!! Idiot!!! Nevermind! Kayaking very fun :D Now i know how to kaya xDD. Then later go home!!! Luckily i didn't vomit in the ferry wahahaha :D Now i damn miss Bintan. I swear i will go back again!!! I miss our instructor too!!!! I still remember when we got in the bus, his eyes are red. I bet he cry lor. I also feel like crying :'( Anyway i will go back de.....if got time :P. Because i really miss bintan :). Okay....Now is to say all those sad thing about today.............Haiz nevermind i another day then say.......Since this post is a happy post about bintan....Okay lah bye :) PS: Although the bed is sandy and some still haver insects...But i don't mind at all :D. PS: Another day then post picture cos i need to find -.- We are not allow to bring phone so yah....

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