Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Boo! Pictures :D

Camp fire! I cheer until i no voice :/
Wee!! Jump!
This is sky walk...Which is i regret the most because i didn't get to play :(
kayaking~~~~ I love the small tsunami wave :D
This is how we ended up here :D
I love this activity the most. Boat netting. Yup :) The boat moving and we jump down to the net/sea. :D
This is coconut tree climbing :) Yup :) We climb the tree :) And i poke dao balloon is at the top yay!!!~ *clap clap*~~
Jump down into the pool.....The water damn salty ;P.
Wee!!!~ This is how we jump down.....
Don't care about the rock climbing....This is flying fox...I just want to let you know how high and....There have ladder to let us climb up :)
This is where teachers sleep...So maybe you are wondering where boys sleep...Hmmm they sleep like us dorm and then sometime change to tent :)
This is the Dorm that we sleep in :D
Boo! I'm back with Bintan pictures :D Actually we have group pictures de but.....i lazy find on facebook :P So yah i go google it. So the pictures is not own by me :) And don't care about those people in that picture okay? Just see the back ground because it is the activity :)
Ps: Sorry, some of the activity i can't find on google. So there no picture of some activity that i mention on previous post.
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