Sunday, April 24, 2011


Xiao xiong bi can :D


Old kampong ;X

Rachael give de

Callie give de :)

Claire give de

And with a card too :)

Gwendolyn give me turtle as my birthday present. The right one is mine :)


Sharmin give this as my birthday present

This also i do de :D nice too :)

Pineapple fried rice :D Delicious :)

The First time i cook :D

How??? I got a lot of photos need to delete, i got a lot of photo need to be upload to here, I got a lot of homework how???? xDD. Haiz... Nevermind. Early in the morning i on computer and surprisingly i found Claire blog wahahaha :D She damn anxious when i tell her that i found her blog... Anyway I'm gonna upload picture no matter what le :D . And the picture is not accordingly so yah... Random uh.
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