Friday, April 15, 2011

Last day ;(

The Monalisa that i drew :D I painted it :D But background is my mum help de :P
Sorry ah. Lazy rotate :P
Boo! Hie all :D Now is already 2:57am le and i still haven sleep yet wahahaha :D Wednesday is so unlucky lor. We keep on rehearsal our speech day. Like prize giving and performance. I was sad that we are the last group to perform and i can't get to see modern dancer dance! :( Anyway the worse part is when i got home. I go bathe. The stupid soap go into my eye. Luckily is 1 eye not two eye or else i die lor. My freaking left eye is damn pain lor. I keep on use water and wash but is still pain. I cannot open nor close. Then is like keep on blind and my eye ball can't move wtf -.-. Then keep on crying because i want the soap to fall out. Stupid lor. Damn pain leh. Then later okay le. Not pain anymore liao then i go mirror see. Wah my eye is red and watery lol. Is really really very pain, pain until i want faint sia. Then today........ammm............Nothing to say eh.... Alot of things happen and i keep on laughing like siao ding dong. Anyway tomorrow is speech day. I was quite sad because Liang Hao and Ruimin is going to leave le. But anyway i will loitering around the school and find them :D I and Claire is going to buy expensive things for them :D But the most important thing is sincere :D So yah last minute :X Tomorrow going to rush and buy :X. We are going to take French Horn group photo :D Okay lah bye :D
PS: SYF we got silver!!!!!!!~ Cheer~ ;) PS: i know that my drawing skill suck.
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