Tuesday, April 12, 2011


6 more hour will be our SYF day!!! oh my god!!! I haven even sleep and pack my bag ahhhh!!!. Gonna go pack now. Band major bake cookie for us. Is so delicious :D Okay lah bye. Tomorrow have PPE and Chinese spelling. Die die lah. Bye byebyebyebye!!! One last thing!!!~ Tumblr followers have been increase woohoo!!!~ ZiYun recommend the fansfiction is so pervertic hahaha :D Anyway is okay :D. I very anxious, excited and scared. Peoples please wish me good luck for SYF. Help me pray that we can get silver. There a board in the foyer. Alot of people wish us good luck on the board i feel so touch :D. Okay lah byebye :D

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