Sunday, April 10, 2011


The series killer hahahaha jkjkjkjk.
Cutie Gwendolyn
Piano Rock! :D
This is the Seashells that i collected on Bintan camp :) Anyway some are not seashell :P. I even pick one beautiful blue seashell...But later i found out that...That is snail :( YOYO!!~ SYF is in 2 days time. I was so scared, anxious and excited. I scared of the result and also scared that when i on stage i can't play. I sure will stomachache de. When i anxious sure will de. Haiz......Scared!!!!!! Anyway my homework haven do finish sio. Hahahaha :D So gonna go do. Have being learning piano.....Hmmmm Not bad... But i think the music teacher will be gone at the end of April so i must quickly learn finish. Anyway....4 minute heart to heart and mirror mirror is so nice!!!!!~

Ps: RuiMin, Claire, Callie. Faster recover!!!!!!
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