Monday, April 18, 2011


YOYOYO!!! HIE!!!~ Now in ICT lessons. Just now PE is play badminton phew~~~~ No need run because of rain :) I wish tomorrow also rain big big during PE lesson. Gillian go for rehearsal and Liwen have SYF today so yah Good luck uh. Wish you all the best. Later have Chinese test must wish me good luck ah. Bye~~ Later then post.

yoyoyo i'm back :D The reason why i blog on ICT is because i was so bored!!! Maybe you will ask why don't i go to Facebook etc. The reason is the stupid teacher go lock all those website!!! I can't go in :(. The only thing i can go in is blog, fansfiction and plurk. Oh yah. y8 also can go in xD.Oh yah and the Chinese test is quite easy :D Okay lah bye :)

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