Sunday, May 1, 2011

1.5.2011 Sunday

Ziyun,Me,Genie and AqilZiyun,Genie,me and Clive
Yoyoyoyoyoyo!!!! Mid year exam is coming real soon!!!! Mine start at 3.5.2011. Yah... I was studying the whole day until i feel sick. I have a feeling i will be fever soon ;P. My dad is so sweet, he help me massage my back :D. This make me feel better, but i think i still need to eat medicine. Yah... Whole day study science sia. WHOLE DAY EH!!!! PLUS YESTERDAY COME BACK HOME BATHE FINISH THEN STUDY. Haiz.....I will try my best to score well in exam. I must go to top 10 I MUST!

Let talk about wonderful yesterday :D

Go out with Ziyun, Genie, Aqil and Clive :D

Firstly we waited at compass point.

Later we take taxi to orchard :D (Mr taxi taxitaxi~ ~~~)

Cos Ziyun and Genie order their album online so that why we go there and also took picture :D.

Then go Mac eat

Then later go suntec city shop shop.

Then saw $10 big poster :D

I will go there buy poster one day :D

Then later home sweet home :D

Although i didn't buy anything and it spent me a lot of money.

I bought present to Ziyun :D heehee :)

And spent money to eat xD

It was a happy day :)

PS: 'Perfect two' song is nice :D
PS: Confidence is not based on my cup size :D
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