Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3.5.11 Tuesday

I have put this picture on blog before, but i just put it again anyway :/

YOYOYO!!! Yup Exam start today!!!!! Okay....Luckily is Chinese so i don't think i will flunk luh. Then tomorrow will be English test that i likely will flunk uh. So later going to go study xD. I am trying so hard not to go tumblr because when i go, it spent hour to reblog so i am trying real hard. Control myself Fann!!!! Okay.... Yesterday didn't really study Chinese because keep watching TV drama. I watch until 2am mean......I watch 3 disc so it also mean i keep on cry until disc 3 because it so sad!!! The story is so sad!!! Then the next day which is today my eyes swollen -.- In the end morning didn't eat breakfast because no time then starve until now -.- Haiz... Going to listen song so i can cool down and relax so i can concentrate on my study. Bye :)

PS: happy birthday Ziyun :D

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