Wednesday, May 4, 2011

4.5.11 Wednesday

Dog :D


So fat so cute :D

This cat is so cute~

Now using my sister computer so there won't be any photo upload here xD. Today is English test......Damn difficult lor. I don't know why some people still say English is damn easy. I think i will fail my English lor. Anyway byebye :D


Boo I'm back.
I want a dog....or maybe a cat....or maybe hamster???

Small small cute cute de heehee :D And white in colour hahaha :D

But...Hamster can any colour lah xD heehee :D

But i don't like black xP.

This is not racist hor!!!

I just don't like whole body black

but sometime black is cute too :D

PS: "Back on You" Music by Kaskade (Nice song )

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