Friday, May 6, 2011

6'May'2011 Friday

Yoyo!! I'm back!!!!!! Haiz.... So sad sia. My worse day is today and yesterday :( Receive back those class test and find out that my Geo keep on failing. Stupid!! Then English get second position :( And D&T get second position too :( I'm really very sad. Why not first position? Even more sad is my Chinese drop to 3rd position :'(. Haiz....Nevermind....Forget it... Pray hard that my Mid-Year-Exam all pass jiu can le. But i'm still scared sia!!!!!. Go find teacher for consultation....But in the end leh? Teacher not in or not free. WTF is that??? Haiz.... Nevermind....I just pray hard lor.

PS: I HATE PROUD PEOPLE! I HATE RUDE PEOPLE (Although i am one of those :P)

Don't be too proud my girl. I will take back what i want.I know that you want to win me. Okay fine you already win.So what? This only prove to you that you are jealous :D hahahahaha Pathetic. Remember this, You suck, I rock. You suck people dick while i rock the whole world :)

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