Monday, May 30, 2011


This is what i wear when i go out with LiWen :D

See my French Horn earring? I drop in the MRT. Luckily i found it back or else i end my life ah.

LiWen hair is so straight! I was so Jealous. Somemore she didn't rebond :X

Liwen look super innocent here hahaha :D And my teeth appear so white o.o It surprise me because i just eat one bar of chocolate :X

Camwhoring in the toilet :D Before going to watch movie :)

While waiting for Liwen in the toilet~

While waiting for the movie to start...

The drink cup is so big!After movie:D

In the CD shop :D


He so cute!~

Yummy shark fins :D

Camwhoring :D

It was like FINALLY!!!!!~ THANK YOU LI WEN!!!! Li wen is the one who help me, so that i can sit here and continue blogging lor :D. I so DAMN MISS BLOGGING!! Okay firstly i go out with Liwen on 27 May 2011. We went to Nex to shop and of course watch movie. We watch Kung Fu Panda 2 :D It was so damn funny and nice :D I can't believe that someone sleeping -.- Still snore so loudly-.- Then me and Liwen was like keep on laughing :D But.....I late for like half and hour??? Luckily she know that i will be late hahaha :D Because i always late de :P. I actually prepared to go out liao...But my phone suddenly spoil...Is like cannot call, sms, take photo etc....But i don't know why suddenly okay liao -.-! They say my SD card didn't put in but i got put in okay! Okay so when i reach Nex...we can't find each other -.- but anyway she find dao me lah xD. Then we go buy ticket first....then go cold storage to buy thing to eat....I buy lays and chocolate xD i was so hyper!!! I LOVE CHOCOLATE :P. Then later go shop shop...And then the person keep on follow me...Irritating like hell...She think i will stole her thing meh? Then later go buy drink which is like the drink cup is so damn big and it only cost $3!! Can believe a not. $3 for bigger size drink OH MY GOD! And then we go in!!!! sit down and watch 3D show :D Damn nice :D Damn funny :D HAHAHA :D later watch finish we went home :D I was quite sad because i didn't buy daddy present :( Actually i want to share my money with sister to buy beer....But i still think that beer is not good for health so i didn't buy....Anyway when i got home. Our whole family go eat dinner together....Guess what.....IS SHARK FINS!!!! OH MY GOD. MY FAVOURITE! And then all the dishes is my favourite hahaha :D But i only take picture of the shark fins because i was hungry and didn't bother to take out my phone :P. And then later home sweet home :D

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