Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing to post

LALALALLALALALALALALALA!!!!!!!!!~ I have nothing to post about :/. Tomorrow is Thursday....Will be taking our result back so hopefully i won't fail...Somemore tomorrow still have band sia....If my result not good, whole day have band my face sure turn yah....Don't talk to me on Thursday :) Just warning. Went to ReiChi house on Monday hahaha :D Super shiock i will talk about it the next time because photo haven been uploaded :). Speech day also will talk next time cos i can't find one of the photo :( If i can't find i will give up le.

Okay let talk about my ownself :D This is me :D

Yup :D My eyes is super big hahaha :D No lah. My eyes is so damn small it just that i put cntact lenses in it :D . ARRR....I was drinking ice lemon tea that time heehee :D I keep adding milk :P Yummy. And if you look closely i don't have eyesbrown....Weird right ? But nevermind, no one is perfect everyone have flaw so yah......And i am proud to have no eyesbrown because at least i have hair :D So yah xD. hmmm.....Maybe i have eyesbrown is just that not a lot :P.

When i on computer....I always go to..........
1) MSN
3) Twitter
4) Plurk
7) Youtube
8) And some other :P

sn to chat, FB to see notifications :D.....Twitter to tweet and Plurk to plurk lor XD. Tumblr!!!! I take the longest time to reblog interesting quotes and pictures :D own blog and then go read people blog :D hahahahahahahhahahaha :D Youtube :D I will go to bubzbeauty channel, Michelle phan channel, AngelaMinjiKim channel, cutepolish channel, Meliney channel xD Is it alot xD. They are make up and nail art guru.

This is Bubzbeauty :D

If i'm not wrong :P Her video have make up, hairstyle, what to wear, Mask, nail :D She also have another channel which is bubbiosity. Go watch it because it so damn funny :D

This is Michelle phan :D

If i'm not wrong xD She is makeup, hair guru, mask.....And a lot more :D Just check it up xD. She also have a charity channel which is call ricebunny :D

This is AngelaMinjiKim :D

She is make up guru :D xD she have monolid same as me so yah :D See how she make up so i also can make up too :D She also very funny :)


Also check up Cutepolish and meliney channel :D I love their nail xD Okay lah that all for now bye :D


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