Monday, June 27, 2011

School tomorrow

AHHHH!!! SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!!! Sian lah! Freak that 2.4km run....Better pass Fann! Must pass! LOL. I say i want post pictures and blog about something....Then in the end leh. Didn't even do.... Holiday so fast over...But it also happen a lot of things. I can't believe that today when i wait up...I found out that my face is wet! Sorry not my my tear.... I dream until that my dad die! Obviously i will cry right? Anyway need to sleep le byebye :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It now 6:25am in the morning :D Later going to school for band hahaha :D So tired :( I didn't sleep so that why i so early xD Hahaha i pro right xD Just hope that i won't faint half way due to not sleeping xD... Having panda eye liao hahaha anyway panda is cute okay! Actually i don't feeling dizzy...but i feel like vomiting lol. Okay lah byebye :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father Day!


byebye going to sleep liao...Cut hair today :\

Sunday, June 19, 2011

kpop :)

1: Your favorite k-pop guy group - SHINee,CN Blue

2: Your favorite k-pop girl group - SNSD

3: Your ultimate k-pop guy bias - Jonghyun,key, Minhyuk,Yonghwa

4: Your ultimate k-pop girl bias - Jessica,Sunny

5: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite guy group - Lucifer,hello,replay,jojo,ring ding dong,Love girl,intuition,love,i'm a loner

6: Your favorite k-pop song from your favorite girl group - Girl Generation, Genie,Gee,Oh,Hoot,Mr taxi,The great escape, let it rain, Mistake,Run devil run

7: A k-pop song that makes you cry - Don't have eh...Maybe is Star star star...

8: A k-pop song you know all the words to sing - Mistake and a lot more leh....

9: Your favorite k-pop performance - All performance :)

10: A k-pop dance you’d like to learn - Lucifer

11: Your favorite k-pop music video - Love girl

12: The very first k-pop song you’ve ever heard - Genie,ring ding dong, i'm a loner

13: A k-pop group you dislike and why - I don't hate kpop :)

14: A k-pop song that makes you smile - My best friend

15: A k-pop song that reminds you of someone you miss - nope :)

16: Your favorite k-pop lyric (and a translation) - I want you oh my love, naman bara bwajwo, neomaneul saranghaesesang modu byeonhaedo (I want you oh my love Only look at me, I will only love you even if the whole world changes)

17: A k-pop idol you wish was your older sibling - yonghwa

18: A k-pop idol you wish was your younger sibling - sunny

19: Your favorite interview of a k-pop idol or group - a lot eh!!

20: Your favorite picture of your guy k-pop bias - their picture i all love :D

21: Your favorite picture of your girl k-pop bias - their picture i all love :D

22: Your favorite picture of your favorite k-pop group - their picture always very nice de. i all love :)

23: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is underrated - none?

24: A picture of a k-pop idol who you think is overrated - none i love them equally

25: Your favorite k-pop music video - all their mv is nice :)

26: Your favorite cover of a k-pop song by another k-pop artist -barbie girl sang by key and jessica

27: Your favorite dance battle - i love all snsd dance battle

28: Your favorite cover of an American song by a k-pop artist - idk wor

29: A k-pop song you never get tired of - their song not tired de

30: A k-pop idol that has amazing eye smiles - Tiffany, minhyuk


Today Go out with ZiYun :). Firstly we go to Esplanade as ZiYun Order her SNSD Japanese Album online so that is why we go there to collect it :). Later on we go to Suntec City :X This time round....Is.....I'm the one who buy SNSD Poster xD. Heehee Very nice hor!!. Then later on we go to summerset..??? Sorry ah...Don't know how to spell :P. Then go shop shop eat eat And then Saw Teenage magazine!!!! There a SNSD poster in it so.....I buy again :) LOL. Hoot poster leh!! I want xD. Quite disappoint though because don't have CN.Blue poster....I mean have lah but not i want de so end up didn't buy CN.Blue de... :(. Then later go Hougang Mall to play lan.......Then later went to Ziyun house do project.....Do until go watch video hahaha :D Then later on home sweet home....Eat...Dance :D and then Bathe :) Maybe you are wondering why i dance right? Hahahaha :D to lose weight :) Yah..I'm not fat but I just want to dance :) Hougang have sell fake eyelashes eh!!! 6 for $5 damn cheap lor...Heehee i want sister go there and help me choose :P Sister is so good....She help me buy nail polish again hahaha and heat protector :) Finally my yellow de colour not like qing cao you le :) And also i finally have blue le!!!! So now the only colour i don't have is .....Brown :). Okay lah byebye :)

PS: Happy Father day :D

PS: Sister, your ear sure okay de. I very confirm :) Don't worry so much :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

My ring :D

Most handsome guy ever!

YOYO!!~ Finally get my ring liao :D Heehee :) I was so damn happy...I gain trust on Fashion Hooks le hahaha :D It is in good quality and yah...Damn nice! I LOVE IT! Today Deon sms me say there a class outing on Sunday!!! I was like damn happy lor....But later SiewChing say is Saturday.....Anyway i was kinda sad because Saturday i can't make it....And i really miss 6.4 :(...Still have a lot of games and still have BBQ!!!! So maybe i rush? I don't know....But anyway forget about it...Tomorrow then think bah....Heehee homework haven even touch dao hahaha :D LOL i still so happy -.- Oh and there a Bitch called shelly.....She keep on scold SiewChing on SC shoutbox lor...She really damn dog sia!!! Can't She just STFU and GTFO? LOL! Childish like hell -.-

PS: Still waiting for my clothes to arrived and still consider want to buy contact online anot. Although it a bit risky

PS: So hungry now :(.....Stop calling stop calling i don't wanna hear anymore!!! (Ladygaga song) *To my stomach*


I wait for my father to come back home and i ate 2 chicken pie and 1 bread :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I miss this couple :( I don't even dare to watch the last episode....I scared i might cry......Maybe to some people this is stupid....But i very 重感情的OKAY!

HIHI!!! Haiz...Holiday going to end soon....*sad*.....:(.....Anyway have been online shopping :) Quite good! :D Should start my projects and Holiday homework already.... *Damn it*...........So.......I want to have piercing!!! Does tragus piercing hurt??? I want that because i think is so unique LOL. Anyway i just want my friends...or maybe strangers opinion :) Okay lah byebye :)

PS: I scared of pain.....Haiz.... :(

Monday, June 13, 2011


Of course :D

Saturday is our family outing!!!! I bring my assessment there cos i thought i will be doing assessment instead of riding bicycle.......But the bicycle keep on tell me to rent him so yah :P Ride bicycle with my family hahaha :D damn fun okay! Then i accidentally bang into one ugly,fat,black uncle.....Then he was like very angry and keep on stare at me hahahaha :D I know i pretty lah, no need keep on stare right? I have light skin tone not like your.....I am skinner than you........Jealous? yeah i know so no need keep on stare at me :D I will be very shy de :) Then my sister was like you bang in to him ah? Then i was like i already said sorry and somemore only bang his hand only what........Then i look back he still keep on staring :) Then at that time i really very 不爽 liao....See me coming want bang into him can't he just move? I already said sorry can't he just accept? If i know it earlier i won't be saying sorry lor.....And also i will bang him to death! How selfish he is. 早死早好啦....But i still think that he jealous of me :D Okay lah end of this post byebye :D

PS: My backside so pain after riding bicycle :(

PS: Recently stomachache :( Damn pain :(

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I screwed up 42% of my school life

[] Gotten detention.

[] Gotten your phone taken away in class.

[] Gotten suspended.

[] Gotten caught chewing gum.

[] Gotten caught cheating on a test.


[] Arrived late to class more than 5 times.

[] Didn’t do homework over 5 times

[] Turned at least 3 projects in late.

[] Missed school cause you felt like it.

[] Laughed so loud you got kicked out of class.

Total : 0

[x ] Got your mom / dad etc. to get you out of school.

[x] Texted people during class.

[x] Passed notes.

[x] Threw stuff across the room.

[x] Laughed at the teacher

Total : 5

[ ] Pulled down the fire alarm. sprayed the fire extinguisher for no reson though.

[x] Went on Myspace , Facebook , Xanga , etc. on the computer at school.

[x] Took pictures during school hours.

[x] Called someone during school hours.

[] Listened to an iPod , CD , etc... During class.

Total : 8

[] Threw something at the teacher

[] Went outside the classroom without permission.

[ ] Broke the dress code.

[x] Failed a class test.

[x] Ate food during class.

Total: 10

[] Gotten a call from school.

[ ] Couldn’t go on a field trip cause you behaved badly

[x] Didn’t take your stuff to school.

[] Gotten a detention and didn't go.

[x] Stuck up your middle finger at a teacher when they were not looking.

[] Cursed during class loud enough so the teacher could hear.

Total : 12

[] Faked your parents signature

[x] Slept in class.

[ ] Cursed at a teacher to their face.

[x] Copied homework



Tag 10 of your friends.

Then Repost this & put the Title as "I screwed up __% of my school life".


YOYO! Yesterday is father birthday :D Eat chocolate cake!!!! :D I LOVE IT TTM! Me and sister tried to buy clothes and ring on the blog shop....And i think i success :P. The double ring i already paid and they say they received it so....yah...will get my double ring soon :P. While for the clothes we still consider because it quite expensive.... Anyway i still think that fashion hooks rock!. Sister bought me a facial foam Scrub and i think quite nice cos my face is smooth!!! But anyway still have that idiot pimple -.-... Help sister pack her clothes!!! Her clothes is 多到数不清 -.- Pathetic me so tired :(. Anyway byebye :D

PS: First time bought ring on fashion hooks :D Quite happy because i got the last ring!!!! I'm so damn lucky :)

PS: Damn boring so play a so called detective game....Can't believe i win :D But i damn hate the ending because it so bored! HATE THE ENDING! And the game is totally no link -.- here is the boring game-.-

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yesterday and today :D

All french horn people :D

Christopher,Sakinah,Ruimin,Me,Liang Hao, Claire

RuiMin and Liang Hao...Our senior :D They already leave le haiz....

RuiMin and Me :D

Jennifer, me and Claire :D

Yesterday went to Orchard with sister :D Eat eat eat....Then.....Saw Fiona Xie!!!!! She so damn pretty and fashionable :D Then buy lot of lot of stuffs.....Want to know what we eat??? Heehee :D I haven upload photos to my computer yet so please wait a few day :P. YAY!!!! Finally bought my straightener!!!! I make my hair straight and then curl lol. I know i very bo liao lah xD. LOL!!!!!! Just found out a lot of picture i didn't....upload yet :P..... Hahahaha whatever :P. Recently inlove in one song and that can't guess because....the song is.....childish....but....I LOVE IT KAY! The song is Barbie girl :D hahahaha :D I love how Aqua sing....but i love to listen how key and Jessica sing...More nice :D So yah....Hahahaa...Byebye :D


PS: Finally i have French Horn Necklace le!!! Thank sister :D

Monday, June 6, 2011

Saw this on FB. Let do it :D

If you get more than 30, I strongly recommend some counseling.
If you get more than 20, you're paranoid.
If you get 11-20, you are normal.
If you get 10 or less, you're fearless.
Tag 20 of your friends and find out whether or not they suffer paranoia.

I fear ...
[x] black people (Especially those some pervert guy)
[x] the dark (If i thought have ghost :P)
[] staying single forever
[] being a parent
[] being in front of others
[] open spaces
[x] closed spaces
[x] heights (I scared but i love it..Especially flying fox :P)
[x] dogs (Those fierce de)
[] birds
[] fish
[x] spiders
[] flowers or other plants

Total so far: 6

[x] fire
[x] deep water
[x] snakes
[] silk
[] the ocean
[x] failure
[] success
[] thunder/lightning
[x] frogs/toads
[] my boyfriends/girlfriends dad
[] my boyfriends/girlfriends mom
[] rats
[x] jumping from high places (But i love the feeling)
[] snow

Total so far: 12

[] rain
[] wind
[x] crossing hanging bridges (I will try if have chance)
[x] death
[] heaven
[x] being robbed/mugged/raped
[] falling
[x] clowns
[x] dolls
[] large crowds of people
[x] men
[] women
[x] having great responsibilities
[] doctors
[] dentists
[x] tornadoes

Total so far: 20

[x] hurricanes
[x] incurable diseases
[x] sharks
[] Friday the 13th
[x] ghosts
[x] poverty
[] Halloween
[] school
[] trains
[] odd numbers
[] even numbers
[x] being alone
[x] becoming blind
[x] becoming deaf
[] growing up, becoming old

Total so far: 28

[] fairies
[x] creepy noises in the night
[] not accomplishing my dreams/goal
[x] needles
[] blood

Total: 30

Now Re-Post with title: “I'm afraid of x out of 73 common fears" and tag 20 people! :)
Do it and tag me back :D

WOW! I need counseling :D LOL!


OMO!!!~ I was so freaking worried about SNSD :(. Heard from the sones that SNSD was sick. They said that Jessica voice crack during performance and she also fever....Sooyoung also fever :( Sunny and Sooyoung still went to hospital :(. Sunny should be in hospital but she still came to the japan concert to perform....awww....If i was there i sure be very touch de lor. But Sunny cried on stage because she was too ill and cannot perform...I was so sad and worried...Dear SNSD.....Please get well soon :(.....

From tumblr..People said that Minhyuk eat a lot and then vomit a lot too....I also very worried because i scared he tio what disease...Minhyuk said he scared that he become fat...OMO Please don't do that... :(....


I found out one thing!!! Whenever i post k-pop thing on tumblr....I will lose one follower :\....But anyway nevermind....I will STILL continue post k-pop stuffs.... If you like then follow me, don't like just leave :D. Tumblr is to tell us being ourself right? So yah, i love k-pop, don't like just unfollow me :) I won't care :)

To all my belove kpop....Please take good care of yourself....Fans will always support you all...When you are also will worried de...So....Please take care..

Tiffany(on the left) Jessica(on the right)

PS: Heard from fans that when jessica was crying because she was ill....Tiffany sing Jessica a song to comfort her... OMO... I love SNSD :D

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saw this on Tumblr!~ Let do it :D

Reblog and bold what applies to you.
I’m loud
I’m sarcastic.
I cry easily.
I have a bad temper.
I’m easy to get along with.

I have more enemies than friends.
I drink coffee.
I clean my room daily.

My appearance:
I wear makeup.
(Sometime only!)I wear a piece of jewelry at all times.I wear contacts.
I wear glasses.
I have/had braces.
I change my hair color often.
I have a piercing.
I have small feet.

I’m in a relationship now.
I’m single.I’m crushin’. (Kang Minhyuk!!)I’ve missed an ex before.
I’m always scared of being hurt.
I’ve told someone I loved them when I didn’t.
I’ve told someone I didn’t love them when I did.I’ve been in love more than two times.
I believe in love at first sight.

Friendships:I have a best friend.I have at least ten REAL friends.
I’ve gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend.
I’ve beaten up a friend.
I’ve been in a serious fight with a friend.
I can trust at least five people with my life.

I’ve been on a plane.
I’ve taken a taxi.
I’ve taken a city bus.
I’ve taken a school bus.
I’ve made a speech.
I’ve been in some sort of club.
I’ve spent 24 hours on the computer straight.
(Holiday have:P)

I listen to R&B.
I listen to pop.
I listen to techno.
I listen to rock.I’m one of those people who play songs repeatedly until I hate it.
I download music.
I buy CD’s.
(I want buy but no money)

Family Life:I get along with both of my parents for the most part.
My biological parents are still together.
(I don't know what it mean but...)
I have at least one brother.
I have at least one sister.
(older)I’ve been kicked out of the house.
I’ve ran away from my home.
I’ve sworn at my parents.
I’ve made my parents cry.
I’ve lied to my parents.
I’ve lied to my parents about where I am.
I’ve lied to my parents about what I’m doing.
I’ve lied to my parents so I’d be allowed out
Hair:I’ve been brown.
I’ve had streaks.
I’ve cut my hair in the past year.
I’ve dyed my hair in the past year.
I’ve been blonde.
I’ve had black.I’ve been red.
I’ve been light brown.
I use conditioner. (sometime)
I’ve curled my hair.
(soon, going to buy curling ton)I’ve straightened my hair.(soon,going to buy straightner)


YOYO! I'm back :D Actually i have nothing to post about haiz.....Plurk is so...............QUIET!!! Nobody plurk anything except me! LOL. Tomorrow have CCA is like so tired. I don't want to go!!!! And also i don't want go to the what concert. $10 leh!!!! My money sia. I recently keep going out now bankrupt liao lah. So i'm not going! I hack care if is compulsory or what! If you love it so much why don't you go alone? Ahem! Maybe you will say "Orh hor! Why you pone your CCA? Bad kid ah." LOL. I will only say this.....I will pone because of teacher. If teacher don't come i will come :D Simple as that :D. OKAY! Be happy Fann! You can do it de :D
Let talk about.....02/06/2011 which is on Thursday ;D
Going out with Ziyun, Lena and Lingli.
We go Hougang mall to study and do project together....
But in the end what happen? We end up shopping and play computer -.-
But anyway i was happy :D
I having a great time :)

Here is the picture :D

I really inlove with chocolate!!! :D

Lena and me :D

Do Re Mi hahahaha :D Me,Lena and Ziyun
Maybe you will be thinking where Lingli....Well....She go home first so didn't get to camwhore her :/ OH MY TIAN!!!! I MISS AUDITION!!! BUT.....I won't download because i scared tio virus wahahaha :D Bye :D