Saturday, June 4, 2011


YOYO! I'm back :D Actually i have nothing to post about haiz.....Plurk is so...............QUIET!!! Nobody plurk anything except me! LOL. Tomorrow have CCA is like so tired. I don't want to go!!!! And also i don't want go to the what concert. $10 leh!!!! My money sia. I recently keep going out now bankrupt liao lah. So i'm not going! I hack care if is compulsory or what! If you love it so much why don't you go alone? Ahem! Maybe you will say "Orh hor! Why you pone your CCA? Bad kid ah." LOL. I will only say this.....I will pone because of teacher. If teacher don't come i will come :D Simple as that :D. OKAY! Be happy Fann! You can do it de :D
Let talk about.....02/06/2011 which is on Thursday ;D
Going out with Ziyun, Lena and Lingli.
We go Hougang mall to study and do project together....
But in the end what happen? We end up shopping and play computer -.-
But anyway i was happy :D
I having a great time :)

Here is the picture :D

I really inlove with chocolate!!! :D

Lena and me :D

Do Re Mi hahahaha :D Me,Lena and Ziyun
Maybe you will be thinking where Lingli....Well....She go home first so didn't get to camwhore her :/ OH MY TIAN!!!! I MISS AUDITION!!! BUT.....I won't download because i scared tio virus wahahaha :D Bye :D

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