Monday, June 6, 2011


OMO!!!~ I was so freaking worried about SNSD :(. Heard from the sones that SNSD was sick. They said that Jessica voice crack during performance and she also fever....Sooyoung also fever :( Sunny and Sooyoung still went to hospital :(. Sunny should be in hospital but she still came to the japan concert to perform....awww....If i was there i sure be very touch de lor. But Sunny cried on stage because she was too ill and cannot perform...I was so sad and worried...Dear SNSD.....Please get well soon :(.....

From tumblr..People said that Minhyuk eat a lot and then vomit a lot too....I also very worried because i scared he tio what disease...Minhyuk said he scared that he become fat...OMO Please don't do that... :(....


I found out one thing!!! Whenever i post k-pop thing on tumblr....I will lose one follower :\....But anyway nevermind....I will STILL continue post k-pop stuffs.... If you like then follow me, don't like just leave :D. Tumblr is to tell us being ourself right? So yah, i love k-pop, don't like just unfollow me :) I won't care :)

To all my belove kpop....Please take good care of yourself....Fans will always support you all...When you are also will worried de...So....Please take care..

Tiffany(on the left) Jessica(on the right)

PS: Heard from fans that when jessica was crying because she was ill....Tiffany sing Jessica a song to comfort her... OMO... I love SNSD :D
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