Monday, June 13, 2011


Of course :D

Saturday is our family outing!!!! I bring my assessment there cos i thought i will be doing assessment instead of riding bicycle.......But the bicycle keep on tell me to rent him so yah :P Ride bicycle with my family hahaha :D damn fun okay! Then i accidentally bang into one ugly,fat,black uncle.....Then he was like very angry and keep on stare at me hahahaha :D I know i pretty lah, no need keep on stare right? I have light skin tone not like your.....I am skinner than you........Jealous? yeah i know so no need keep on stare at me :D I will be very shy de :) Then my sister was like you bang in to him ah? Then i was like i already said sorry and somemore only bang his hand only what........Then i look back he still keep on staring :) Then at that time i really very 不爽 liao....See me coming want bang into him can't he just move? I already said sorry can't he just accept? If i know it earlier i won't be saying sorry lor.....And also i will bang him to death! How selfish he is. 早死早好啦....But i still think that he jealous of me :D Okay lah end of this post byebye :D

PS: My backside so pain after riding bicycle :(

PS: Recently stomachache :( Damn pain :(
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