Friday, June 17, 2011

My ring :D

Most handsome guy ever!

YOYO!!~ Finally get my ring liao :D Heehee :) I was so damn happy...I gain trust on Fashion Hooks le hahaha :D It is in good quality and yah...Damn nice! I LOVE IT! Today Deon sms me say there a class outing on Sunday!!! I was like damn happy lor....But later SiewChing say is Saturday.....Anyway i was kinda sad because Saturday i can't make it....And i really miss 6.4 :(...Still have a lot of games and still have BBQ!!!! So maybe i rush? I don't know....But anyway forget about it...Tomorrow then think bah....Heehee homework haven even touch dao hahaha :D LOL i still so happy -.- Oh and there a Bitch called shelly.....She keep on scold SiewChing on SC shoutbox lor...She really damn dog sia!!! Can't She just STFU and GTFO? LOL! Childish like hell -.-

PS: Still waiting for my clothes to arrived and still consider want to buy contact online anot. Although it a bit risky

PS: So hungry now :(.....Stop calling stop calling i don't wanna hear anymore!!! (Ladygaga song) *To my stomach*


I wait for my father to come back home and i ate 2 chicken pie and 1 bread :)
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