Saturday, June 11, 2011


YOYO! Yesterday is father birthday :D Eat chocolate cake!!!! :D I LOVE IT TTM! Me and sister tried to buy clothes and ring on the blog shop....And i think i success :P. The double ring i already paid and they say they received it so....yah...will get my double ring soon :P. While for the clothes we still consider because it quite expensive.... Anyway i still think that fashion hooks rock!. Sister bought me a facial foam Scrub and i think quite nice cos my face is smooth!!! But anyway still have that idiot pimple -.-... Help sister pack her clothes!!! Her clothes is 多到数不清 -.- Pathetic me so tired :(. Anyway byebye :D

PS: First time bought ring on fashion hooks :D Quite happy because i got the last ring!!!! I'm so damn lucky :)

PS: Damn boring so play a so called detective game....Can't believe i win :D But i damn hate the ending because it so bored! HATE THE ENDING! And the game is totally no link -.- here is the boring game-.-
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