Sunday, June 19, 2011


Today Go out with ZiYun :). Firstly we go to Esplanade as ZiYun Order her SNSD Japanese Album online so that is why we go there to collect it :). Later on we go to Suntec City :X This time round....Is.....I'm the one who buy SNSD Poster xD. Heehee Very nice hor!!. Then later on we go to summerset..??? Sorry ah...Don't know how to spell :P. Then go shop shop eat eat And then Saw Teenage magazine!!!! There a SNSD poster in it so.....I buy again :) LOL. Hoot poster leh!! I want xD. Quite disappoint though because don't have CN.Blue poster....I mean have lah but not i want de so end up didn't buy CN.Blue de... :(. Then later go Hougang Mall to play lan.......Then later went to Ziyun house do project.....Do until go watch video hahaha :D Then later on home sweet home....Eat...Dance :D and then Bathe :) Maybe you are wondering why i dance right? Hahahaha :D to lose weight :) Yah..I'm not fat but I just want to dance :) Hougang have sell fake eyelashes eh!!! 6 for $5 damn cheap lor...Heehee i want sister go there and help me choose :P Sister is so good....She help me buy nail polish again hahaha and heat protector :) Finally my yellow de colour not like qing cao you le :) And also i finally have blue le!!!! So now the only colour i don't have is .....Brown :). Okay lah byebye :)

PS: Happy Father day :D

PS: Sister, your ear sure okay de. I very confirm :) Don't worry so much :)
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