Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yesterday and today :D

All french horn people :D

Christopher,Sakinah,Ruimin,Me,Liang Hao, Claire

RuiMin and Liang Hao...Our senior :D They already leave le haiz....

RuiMin and Me :D

Jennifer, me and Claire :D

Yesterday went to Orchard with sister :D Eat eat eat....Then.....Saw Fiona Xie!!!!! She so damn pretty and fashionable :D Then buy lot of lot of stuffs.....Want to know what we eat??? Heehee :D I haven upload photos to my computer yet so please wait a few day :P. YAY!!!! Finally bought my straightener!!!! I make my hair straight and then curl lol. I know i very bo liao lah xD. LOL!!!!!! Just found out a lot of picture i didn't....upload yet :P..... Hahahaha whatever :P. Recently inlove in one song and that can't guess because....the song is.....childish....but....I LOVE IT KAY! The song is Barbie girl :D hahahaha :D I love how Aqua sing....but i love to listen how key and Jessica sing...More nice :D So yah....Hahahaa...Byebye :D


PS: Finally i have French Horn Necklace le!!! Thank sister :D
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