Sunday, July 24, 2011

Boo I'm back :D

Woo yay I'm back :) Miss me? hahaha jkjk. Let talk about last Monday. Last monday we have our PE lesson. I laugh until i stomachache, cheek very pain and my back very pain. hahahaa :D is seriously very very funny. we playing net ball and I'm at Caiyue team:) Then later we have training then samauel keep on like can't control himself...Run..catch the ball and then run again hahahaha :D i know that u don't know what i talking about......but....i know jiu can liao hahaha :D Then Benjamin also...another joker. He run..catch the ball and landed his body on the floor hahaha :D yup. He fall down. But seriously lor is really damn funny. It just that u need to see their expression. HAHAHA :D i can't stop laughing now... Too long didn't blog le....don't know what to say liao.... Oh yah...I need to say that the 10 anniversary rehearsal is pissing me off all the time. When the cushion close...U can't even see a thing u know. I think i got night blindness or something but i really really cannot see a single thing. Somemore they didn't switch on the light!!! I can't see, and so many mic and stand and chair obviously i will knock until something right. But the even worse thing is i knock until something the teacher shout at me eh. Is like keep quiet remember to keep quiet. I was like what the fuck? So pro come and walk lah -.-

I really love my that 2 junior....Clara and Siew Yi... hahaha :D we always chat....and obviously laugh hahaha :D Then i say i hate miss yellow...Then clara and Siew Yi hate her too hahaha ;D Then Clara still say Miss yellow face very disorganised hahaha :D i love how she say disorganised hahaha :D is like so damn funny. Somemore that time when we rehearsal...she come here and say that our French Horn sound very Flat....Then later our band major tune us and our band major say we sound very very sharp hahahahaha :D Miss yellow lao kui ah hahaha :D You know all French Horn section laugh damn loud lor.

Now is the NDP rehearsal. Also very piss off... We need to follow those NCC,NPCC . Left right left right...-.- Then the teacher always say we too fast....actually is they slow lor...not we too fast. Somemore the really unbearable is that the teacher say we suck! Luckily my form teacher come and comfort us say that this is our first rehearsal so don't take it on heart. Every one make today make mistake just forget about it...She still say in NDP we are the most important so don't take to heart :D I love how my teacher say that :) Seriously...I love it :D

okay let just jump to 10 anniversary rehearsal again..... At night we waited for the bus until i damn piss off. Can u imagine? We from 6pm wait until 7pm++ Fed up sia.. And this is not the first time... Somemore i need to top up my card and the top up card auntie piss me off too idiotic. Say what top up this have bonus then i say back to her lor. say $1.50 also called a bonus ah. Then i say i want top up $55 that it. -end of call- Then somemore parents still don't know what i talking about. -.- I think my father phone got problem lor. Need me shout then he can hear -.- Then later sec 1 student keep on throw the cap then hit me. First time i didn't say anything, then second time i shout u want to die is it. Then the third time i throw the water bottle back at them. I think this is the first time Claire saw me so angry. But is seriously lor. The bus, the rehearsal, the auntie the everything is pissing me off. I really hate the bus uncle sia. Bring us to NYP so many time still go the wrong route -.- Somemore actual day that time we are the last to go home. You want to know the reason? The reason is he saw 1 group of band members got up another bus so he leave -.- wtf is that? So can u imagine..12 am that time we are still in school packing our instrument -.- FUCK!

Band always pissing me off. I feel like quiting. And i also found out that a lot of sec 2 want quit too.......And band are going to Hong Kong...I'm not going.... Because is way too expensive le. $1850 eh! I still remember this. Chloe ask Mr Wong this

Chloe: Can i don't go? I go oversea with my family.
Mr Wong: Why you don't want to go? Have friends there you know.
Chloe: Family more important.
Mr Wong: But you can see me eh.
(Fann: bhb -.-)
Chloe: Because i don't want to see your face that why i don't want to go.

Hahahaha this is so funny. Tio owned :D. But seriously is way too expensive le.

Jennifer also quarrel with Miss yellow. Because Miss yellow keep on say she play wrong. Then Jennifer say why always say me? What about sec 1 they also play wrong what....

I can see that Jennifer want to cry already ......

Seriously is too stress le. And i also i owned 2 people too hahaha :D i want tell you all in next post :D byebye :D

PS:headache now -.-
PS: Mum buy me laptop as my birthday present :D Is at the day when i'm piss :D Love you so much :D
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