Sunday, July 31, 2011

My birthday!~

Yesterday was my birthday hahaha :D Happy but also.....A little disappointed and sad....and of course someone have piss me off...But anyway i was still happy lah :D Many people have given me a lot of suprise on 29th :D Gillian,ReiChi and Lena have given me a book. Inside got a lot of memorise....Got my photo....their.....and jessica and hahaha :D i was so touch while reading their letters....seriously i almost cried. Thank you so much :D i really love the notebook a lot a lot. :D

And also my band friends and my Junior!!! Thank you for buying so unique present and still give me surprise :D Oh yah :D And still have chocolate cake. I always see people singing birthday song loudly at canteen but i didn't know it my turn too hahaha :D Thank you so much :D Luckily you all didn't birthday bash me hahaha :D The chocolate cake is nice thank you :D And also the Tibits you all buy as present :) I will eat finish de :D hahaha :D seriously thank you so much for giving me surprise. I think i should listed name here right hahaha :D Thank Chloe, Claire, Callie, Gwendolyn, Jia min, Clara and Siew yi :D Thank you for everything :D and Ellie i think hahahaa :D sorry that i have forgotten some :P. Thank for the keychain, the SHINee dice, clothes, tibits, chocolate and chocolate cakes! hahaha :D

And to those who didn't wish me happy birthday :D I wish you all have bad luck all the year hahaha -evil laugh- :P joking joking lah hahaha :D okay lah i will post picture when i'm free. Byebye :D

PS: Thank you Jia Xiang, Darren and Ziyun for making me laugh when i'm piss :D

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