Saturday, August 6, 2011


Finally find it!!!~ With our conductor :)

Our lego :)

Our lego :)

Ain and Me :)

Doing our lego :)

Me and Sharmin :)

Received another present from Sharmin :D hahaha :D Thank you Sharmin i love it :) The pen is so cute!!!~ Bunny ear xD. Current using it to do my assessment :D Thank you very much :)

PS: It so bored at home! Although test is round the corner.....AND I HAVEN STUDY!

Losing my voice -.- pathetic me.....My voice now damn sexy can hahaha :D

Listening super junior Mr Simple and SHINee japanese version of Juliette hahaha :D the MV damn nice kay.....and the song is so addictive! :D Anyway bye :)
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