Friday, August 12, 2011

Today is a horrible shit?

In school is seriously boring.........
Today is Friday....Let see hmmm...
Literature period--- Get back our Literature test :D Miracle wor xD I pass :D
Math period---Learning math :D lol!
English---Boring until cannot tahan sia....Keep on yawning :x And....I failed my English test!! I don't know why i not sad that i failed my English....Anyway i don't think i got learn stuffs in English class lor. -.- One more thing....Luckily today is only 1 period!! :D
Recess---Study for my Geography test :) and of course eat :)
Chinese---Do composition.
Home econ---Today so much fun sia....Talking about....something pervertic ?? xD Simon lah! Keep on say. Lena and me laugh until stomach ache xD He say about pee...the pipe....yah! Stop here. I don't want to pollute other people mind xD
Stay back after school to do Geography test :( Very sad and angry sia. Yesterday i didn't play computer eh! I just keep on studying and studying and in the end what i get? the test i don't know how to do! -.-
After that home sweet home :) and eat 2 packet of potatoes chip :) Keep on drink water because it is too salty and i don't want to sick tomorrow because tomorrow i need to go for CaiYue BBQ :) Wish tomorrow is a nice day :D Maybe i will do some random...thing on my new post :) byebye :)
PS: Clara found my blog!! Ahhhh!!!!

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