Saturday, October 15, 2011

Here I am :D

Let talk about yesterday :D Went out with Ziyun, Darren, Jiaxiang, Calvert and Benjamin. Saw Benjamin we all laugh. He wear like he go some people wedding LOL. Then they go eat, i and Ziyun go shop. Then later we watch movie :) Finally get to watch johnny english :) Only paid $4 cos Jiaxiang pay the rest. First time saw him so good LOL. Then bought pop corn and drink wahahaha.:D almost all pop corn is i eat LOL. sorry Ziyun.....I ate your popcorn.... Oh yah Darren also got go play arcade de basketball...LOL many people see him play because he pro mah xD break the high score :) Not bad uh :) Lalalalala :) Have alot of fun and later home sweet home :) Give them a lot of dog de nickname, damn funny hahaha :D. Teacher once said cannot laugh too much or else will have nightmare....I don't believe it but it happen on me! I think because i watch the movie and laugh too much thats why have night mare hahahhaa :\ Somemore in the dream i still talk to that ghost...i was like LOL. My head also hurt like like i having concussion like that. Okay should stop here liao :) Bye
PS: A very fun day for me :) Wear sister give me de contact lense :) Is purple in colour...quite nice...I hope the moroon contact lense also nice :) Kay bye :)
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