Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Free~

Yo people! LOL. I know that there nobody reading my blog is so dead~~ but now i'm BACK :D Have participated Bubzbeauty contest but haiz...i still lose. But anyway i did not regret because at least i participated and i give myself a chance LOL.

Exam is finally over!!!!~ So damn fast! I was so happy. From now on i was a free women liao! :) have freedom le :) I gonna chiong all my show, fansfiction, learn makeup and nailpolish all this wahahaha :D But i think once i get my result i will be crying bah. So i gonna prepared load of load of tissue paper and if i don't look good, don't talk to me or else you will suffered the consequence. :) This is just a warning only :)

I really hope that i pass all my subject and get into top 5 at least... :\ i really really hope it come true cos i really work very hard on my studies......Example yesterday night i 4am+ then sleep just to do finish my art eh!!! LOL.... excuses-.- . Okay bye :) Gonna relax, put mask all this liao bye :)
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