Sunday, November 20, 2011

2011 yah xD 20/11/2011

WOW! I just found out that today is 20/11/2011 xD 20112011 hahaha :D Okay let talk about the band camp LOL. Anyway i just write what i can remember because.......u know i back from camp a long time ago le LOL.
Day 1, I know my group!!! LOL. I think is group 7 LOL. With Rachael, Bingbin, YuHin, XinYi and Clara.....I don't really remember anything LOL. I only know YuHin is quite sad because he is the only guy LOL. In canteen we cheer the louder because we want to eat our dinner LOL. Then later we have amazing race yah xD Hahahahahhahahahahaa very tiring and damn duper fun!! :D Okay! I remember le. At night we play then in the morning is footdrill and band practice. My leg is super duper pain!
Day 2, We go to pasir ris park to play and guess what? It raining heavily LOL. Yes. We are in the rain and need to walk back where we waited for the bus because teacher want cancelled the activities -.- Damn it! A lot of earthworm. A LOT! NO KIDDING IS A LOT. Yah! We keep on walk and shout hahahaha :D damn fun also. Then later we go back school and play don't know what fire, hunter blah blah. Yup we lose...but heng ah! Winner do forfeit hahahahaha :D Then later at night....I damn happy because our senior came! I think i'm the only one who receive 2 present yah xD RuiMin bake de cookie damn nice! Although i don't really like mint but that biscuit i did eat a lot hahahaha :P because it have chocolate! Then yah....Snatch with claire about the cookie and find my SHINee badge hahaha :D Thank Liang Hao and RuiMin :) Love you much :D Oh yah at night we play nightwalk. Not fun at all! Don't know who leak out the game so everyone know and they not afraid anymore. Stupid! Because the game we are suppose to pretend to become ghost and scared them. And they not afraid. LOL we are incharge of AVA room outside...we all give up and just go in AVA room inside cos have air-con LOL. Yah....because is at night we don't dare go toilet so.................Me and claire ask Bingshun and Syakir to accomapany us hahahaha :D and we go to the boy toilet LOL. Boy toilet is big! This is the second time i go in LOL. Then we didn't eat supper because we very tired and sad. Then we at bandroom (we sleep in the bandroom) have girltalk. Talk until 3am in the morning :) And i like the girltalk cos we cry....we laugh very loudly etcetc....Sec 1 just doesn't know that they break our heart.....didn't know we put in a lot of effort...all they say is lame, vulgarities all this ...:( Yah in the end we sleep.
Day 3, footdrill!!!! Then band practice then Home sweet home :)
PS: I am happy that we are food committee because can skip the morning exercise LOL.
PS: We did take picture but they didn't upload hahaha :)
PS: I hope next year sec 1 be more mature.\
PS: We play captain ball...luckily enough we didn't tio forfeit although we lose
PS: We are enjoying too much when we bathe hahahaha :D keep shouting
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