Friday, November 11, 2011

Band camp :D

The photo that i edit hahaha :D nice uh :)
Hello reader :D Tomorrow i going band camp le :D Must miss me yah :D hahahaa :D Today go out with Claire and SiewYi and i did some silly thing that i think i so epic :\ Claire late so i call her....while talking to her, SiewYi was like...Fann....Claire call me eh and she show me her phone...I was shock...we both talk at the same time why she can talk in different way....Then when i look closely at my phone...I CALL WRONG PEOPLE!!!! I CALL CHLOE SIA! Okay...her voice in the phone really sound like claire and i thought she was claire LOL. epic sia. Then later we go buy thing to eat then shop lor :D Bought 2 photo frame for senior and put the picture that i edit :) The photo frame have a word called...'Family' :D i was so happy :D Then later Chloe and Bing Bin come compass and find us cos we need to go back to school for stupid thing. Then later we bought all those stuffs then head back to school. Miss yellow first saw us is nag at us -.- say why u all wear home clothes. LOL She always last minute sms us lor. she think we so free come and entertain her meh still tio nag somemore. She still say what white bread must put together with white bread LOL -.- WTH SIA? Cashier put it that way de what -.- Even worse, she is the teacher in charge and she didn't know bingbin is band member....WTF IS THIS? After tio nag by her we went home :D it rain so heavily that our clothes all wet :\ but it was fun though :) Okay lah..sorry for not posting about guy hahahaa that i mention on my previous post :\ Really sorry. So now byebye :D
PS: Tomorrow is 11/11/11 :D morning spend time with band mates and night sleep together chit chatting hahaha :D Nice way to spend my 11/11/11 :D
Bandmates is Chloe, Claire, Bingbin,Gwendolyn, Jennifer etcetc :D
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