Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Yo!~Bugis photo

Altogether :D
Liang liang and me :D
Me and Reichi :)

Me and reichi :)
Gillian and me :)

YO GUY! Is holiday already hahahaha :D so fast. Rotting at home like a lifeless dog :X Yes! I have make up my mind already. I'm not going to express.....yah yah, i know a lot of people will say me stupid for not going to express right? LOL. Express too much stress and imma don't like it :D Have band band band :O Although is tired....but at least okay lah hor...or else i really will rot at home. Band camp at 11/11/11,12/11/11,13/11/11 hahahaha :D hope i will have fun especially the game heehee :D I already know the band game liao, it will have so much fun :D Curious about the game? After band camp then tell you all because this is a secret to everyone except committee hahahaha :D Okay lah, in my previous post i say i'm gonna post thing about bugis right? Okay. I go bugis during band pratice LOL. yeah i pon band again. But i really did sick okay! Not i self serving bias okay is real!!!! I went to bugis in the morning.....and some factory to take our things from the supplier....LOL they go bugis shop lor then i didn't buy anything eh. DIDN'T EH. Okay lah...i did buy.....hmmm.... 3 mask at faceshop hahahaha :D Then don't know when lah....(sorry i forgot) i got buy aloe vera skin gel.... it look like hair gel but is skin gel...LOL. doesn't really work for my skin. The vaseline also did not really work for my skin LOL. sian ah...which product will work for my skin eh? Oh yah the mask i bought from faceshop is lemon,mung bean and aloe vera...haven try yet but hope it work well...Recently have a case.....adelyn at fb slap her mum and xmm....LOL i don't know who she is but her name appear at my twitter timeline so yah.....Lena cousin....liangliang is so cute~Okay bye :)
PS: Using Gillian ipod and take de picture. Quality damn good :D
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