Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello everyone :D So, Friday committee off to play game trial which is band camp games.....Well....turn out pretty so-so LOL. I hate sucking marble because i lack of air LOL. So what i do? i cheat lor LOL. hopefully that day cheat can success LOL. Hope the game is fun and of course...the night game hahahaha :D Night game is fun especially the last station :) Hopefully that night everything turn out well and nothing horrible happen *cross finger*. So my sister today is so sweet!!!!!!!!!~ She bought me mask and contact lense case! I was like finally! The contact lense case is blue in colour......Then mask is anti-acne mask, aloe esscence mask, lavender mask and green tea esscence mask.....WOW a lot! Total i have 8 mask if i'm not wrong hahaha :D OKAY THATS IT! BYE :D
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