Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Night :D APS~

The group picture!! :D But no Jie Qian inside because that idiot don't want tsktsk -.-. But anyway i still have awesome day with them :D Family night and 6.4'09 rockz!!!
Deon, Timothy and me :)
oh my firetruck god!!!!!!!!! i look like an old women!!!!
HAHAHA! Got u!!! big bully small!!!
me drinking Deon drink xD
PEACE!! we playing 海盗船!!
Me and Siew Ching :)
me, Nicole and Sylvia! Nicole freaking tall and skinny!! Can become model liao!! i look tall here because i stand on something xD
me and Arron :D
u jump, i jump! LOL
Deon too bo liao hahaha!!! :) me drinking water :D
Liwen and me!! :)
Mr koo and me :)
me and Joel :)
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