Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sad Chinese new year

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :) I hope all of them stay healthy and cheerful always :)

This is the worse new year ever......My brother is sick.....everyone sick including me. Sore throat :( Mum lost her voice, sister fever and what so ever.... Brother illness is the worse. His neck swell. SWELL YOU KNOW!!! Then he swell until he can't move his head and pain until like asdfghjkl!!! Mum worried until cry because her father (our grandfather) also have this illness before. She scared that's why..... Brother go hospital for blood test also....then his white blood cell damn a lot...not good. Then he still cry because of pain and what so ever. I really hope he recover :( I really really hope!!! Now my mind is blank damn messy. I wanna cry but i can't. I cannot let them worried about me also.... haiz.... :( Now i seriously want my brother to recover :(

PS: I will separate some post to blog. Because i have a lot of thing to say :\

PS: Tomorrow he will be going to the hospital again to scan what is inside his neck....Pray hard! Hope he alright :(
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