Monday, February 20, 2012


Stay strong and move on....
Life is fragile. We must cherish every moment with family and friends or some other people that you are close with because you don't know what will come next. Good or bad. We will not know what we will lose for the next moment. Life is so unpredictable. The next moment is good while the other moment is bad. For example, Chinese New Year my brother sick having something on his neck. Valentine day, one of my relative faint and now having stroke. See! All on special occasion!! What the hell is this. 2012 seriously suck to the very max. Just now saw a few tweet from Clara. She damn emo because her grandfather having lung infection and now in the hospital. She worried and scared that she will lose him. And of course i know that feeling as well.... Jason also comforting her. I was in shock that Jason is single parent because his father died.....Not only this one of my friend ReiChi grandmother have cancer.....Well.. As i said life is unpredictable. Cherish your love one now and live with no regret. We will not know who is important until we lose it.....I hope all of them get well soon and stay healthy always! People that suffered this please be strong and think positive. I know it difficult but it will all went smoothly eventually. :)
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