Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joseph Birthday~

Protecting the candles, wind keep on blow!! tsk!
Everyone is so amaze by this lighter :D Because the colour is different from those normal lighter :D
YanLing, Vanessa, Ibnu, Jonathan, Joseph and Syakir :D

The birthday cake~ CHOCOLATE!!!
This is Joseph :D Birthday boy~
They putting candles :)
This is french horn senior. His name call Christopher.....HE SO CHILDISH!!!!!! Like a kid sia! But he treat us very nice :) From pictures you all should know what going on lah hor :D Heehee :D Picture speak a thousand words -wink- The chocolate is delicious but the sad thing is i only eat one spoonful only :( Because hor someone say share with her then in the end she eat finish tsktsk -.- I NOT GOING TO MENTION WHO! SHE OWNSELF KNOW! xD Some picture is taken from fb and some taken from my phone obviously so yah. short,simple and nice :D BYE!~