Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drawing :-D

I love to draw :-D I damn regret never take art as a subject haix!! I found out that I damn weird! I top in d&t but I never take that course. I love art but I never take that course. What the hack!!! And I go take f&n which I hate the Most! Okay fine! Today topic is drawing so... I'm gonna show you my drawing that I draw :-D some of them is ugly so yeah... :/ I damn random also. When I bored I draw. Hahaha! Okay!

Still have quite a lot :-D but next time then post :-D haix... Kind of sad though.... Tomorrow band will be the last practise with senior... Last rehearsal:/ then it will be speech day then they will step down... I'M SO FREAKING SAD! Haix.... Bye and good night :-)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thursday, Friday, Saturday :-D

Thursday, I don't really remember anything but I know that I cry in band.:/ yes!! Again! Cry! Band! Lol! But this time round nobody bully me... Is I bully other....Thursday have speech day rehearsal and two bad things happen... Firstly, when we play the pieces half way... We need to turn the horn... And guess what! My horn hit until siew yi horn and her mouth piece fly!!!! And the whole song she can't play....I feel so sorry for her... I know that kind of embarrassing feel!! So I learn my lesson , I bring an extra mouth piece just in case.... Secondly, when we at band room practising turning the horn... My horn hit until siew yi nose!!! Seriously! I take it no more so I just cry and say sorry to her. My senior and junior all shock that I cry because it not my fault... All of this is accident... But I don't know why I just cry... :-( maybe because I don't like people bully my junior but yet, I'm the one who keep hurting them... That's why I cry ba...seriously sorry siew yi!!! Sorry!! :'( And thank senior and junior and my bandmates for cheering me up and comfort me :-) oh yah!!! Another bad thing happen also!! My clog shoes spoil!!!! :-(

Friday no band but QM (those who incharge of instrument) have to go back band. Why??? Hahaha :-D because there some stock they need to take :-D here is the picture :-D

A lot right??? I'm so excited to see so many instrument!!! And yeah!! Those photo is taken from Chloe and Vanessa:-D

At night because I was so bored~ guess what I'm doing hahaha :-D painting nail hahaha!!! Actually I paint my nail to blue sky plus cloud but it so ugly that I wash away and paint domo :-D domo is my first attempt!!! ~


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Infection legs :-(

After wearing that freaking shoes to rei chi birthday. My legs from blister to infection :-( it itchy and pain. Now I just hope it will get well soon... Because when I look at it, it really disgust me... Oh and yeah... I will blog about rei chi birthday when I'm free ;-)

Puting medicine that why it yellow in colour. It getting more and more serious... Photo below is day one infection which is not so horrible...

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Imagine Minhyuk like that say to me !!! I will die man!!!!~ :D YES! I WILL MARRY YOU!! LOL hahahaha :D