Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Drawing :-D

I love to draw :-D I damn regret never take art as a subject haix!! I found out that I damn weird! I top in d&t but I never take that course. I love art but I never take that course. What the hack!!! And I go take f&n which I hate the Most! Okay fine! Today topic is drawing so... I'm gonna show you my drawing that I draw :-D some of them is ugly so yeah... :/ I damn random also. When I bored I draw. Hahaha! Okay!

Still have quite a lot :-D but next time then post :-D haix... Kind of sad though.... Tomorrow band will be the last practise with senior... Last rehearsal:/ then it will be speech day then they will step down... I'M SO FREAKING SAD! Haix.... Bye and good night :-)
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