Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Going out with Ziyun :)

During holiday, i go out with Ziyun and shopping~ Again at somerset hahahaa :D
This is what i wear on that day! :D
Didn't bought much....I only bought this floral headband at forever 21 :)
This is how it look like when i wear it :) White and black flower :D
Still have a lot more vibrant colour but i choose this because it easy to match :)

There nothing much to write.........
WARNING! Yes again! All my camwhore hahahaha :D

  I love my smile necklace

Next is me and my brother :)

Bye ;)

Going out with LiWen :D (Day 2)

Hello everybody i'm back :)Holiday over le! :( Feeling so down this few days because of National Band Competition. So stress, depress and sad......I will try to blog about this in the next post other time..... Now let blog about going out with liwen day 2 :)
This is what i wear on day 2 :)

So i met Liwen and since i already ate my lunch so i never eat. But then i still accompany her since she never eat her lunch :)
This is her lunch! So nice! Mushroom soup and bread! Shit! Really regret blogging about this at midnight.....Make me hungry!!!
This is Liwen and her lunch!!! :D
Later on, we went shopping together :D And i bought 3 of it!
 This is how it look like when i tie it :D I tie it into braid :D

Okay back to topic!
Later on we go somerset and orchard since somerset got flea market there~ In the end i bought nothing and Liwen almost bankrupt hahahaa :D
In the MRT station ~

And then later on we decided to watch ghost on air~
This is the ghost on air tickets :)

After watching and then home sweet home :)
Down below is my picture! You have been warn!
My stupid tired face~

The picture above is taken when waiting for Liwen to finish her food :P


 Bleh! :P

Pictures above is taken when i'm home :)

So anyway end pictures with me and my brother :D

Bye everyone :D Muack :) 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going out with LiWen :D (Day 1)

Yoyo people :D Holiday is going to end soon and guess what! I haven start my homework except Ace-learning :D COOL UH! I'm going to start my homework last minute again because i think last minute work is always the best :D Hahahaha :D Joking! I self-serving bias again! Promise Christopher will did my E-math assessment to improve my math and guess what! I never do! Sorry Christopher......Okay! Back to topic ^^ Going out with Liwen! LiWen is my primary school friend :D 9 years of relationship liao leh :D She my bestie and holiday obviously must go shopping with my bestie :D
So I wear this and meet her :D
So when i meet until her :D She lend me this 4 books which i like :D I love those kind of true story :) Some more is about abuse so i like even more! Sorry! I'm not pervertic or anything but i just like this kind of books :D Currently i'm reading Daddy's Little Secret :D Sorry for those people who wanna me to lend you all this books. This is Liwen books not mine :)
So Liwen also give me 2 of this file :D Onew and Minho!!!! :D I love SHINee!!! :D Since i have two i gave one to my sister since she love Minho hahaha :D
Liwen still gave me this chocolate! I LOVE CHOCOLATE!
She still write for me little notes :D Thank you Liwen! I appreciate it :D
(Sorry if you all can't see. Please zoom in. Thank ^^)
To be honest! I feel so touch when she give me all those notes :') And also i feel a little guilty because i never give her anything yet!
So firstly we went to Yishun :D
TADAAAA~ Starbuck :D This is my first time trying starbuck!!!! Although it expensive but really really very nice! So this conclude that coffee and chocolate can go along well hahahaha :D
(Left starbuck = mine)
(Right starbuck = Liwen)

After that we went to sing K-box!!!! :D WARNING! A LOT OF PICTURES :D
This is Liwen :D

Opps!! Blur~

Okay! This is me camwhore with Liwen hahahaha :D
WARNING! Pictures below is all me!

Bleh :P
Me and starbuck hahahaha :D Lame!
Me and the mic :D I swear that mic damn smelly!!!!! Previous customer confirm vomit on that mic before! Kanasai! Luckily Liwen change mic with me! Poor thing is that she suffered......haiz....Thank Liwen! See that LOVE connector ring?? Me and Liwen have the same ring :D Friendship ring ! :D
The starbuck tissue hahahaha :D

Okay i think i have to said this! I and Liwen went to Yishun K-box! Got this guy very cute/weird waitress. He ask us if he can take picture of us because he want to pin the picture on the customer wall. So Liwen agree and we let him take the picture. And when we finally sing finish and want to leave the K-box, that guy suddenly call us back and ask us if we like to eat red chilli or green chilli. LOL WEIRD MUCH! But he give me the impression is he trying to learn crayon shin. He is cute but.....still creepy and pervertic. I'm not going to go there sing song anymore!

 Okay! Anyway more pictures of me :P

The two pictures above is taken in the MRT :P

The two pictures above is taken when i finally home :D Sitting on the sofa relax~
BUT BEFORE GOING HOME I HAVE TO SHOW SOME PICTURES AGAIN~ Relax this time no me in the photos hahahaha :D

So this is the foods they gave us when we at K-box~ We ordered 2 hot lemon tea! :D
After that, Liwen went to bakery shop and bought this chocolate cake to celebrate our very advance birthday hahaha :D Our birthday at July though so very advance :D This chocolate cake is awesome! Actually i want to bought one for myself too but.......All those starbuck make me so full :(
This place very pretty right? This place is Liwen Club hahaha :D We celebrate our birthday here :D

Alright! I have to stop here :) I will post "Going out with Liwen :D (Day 2) some other day :)

Bye :D Hope our friendship last forever :D